Washing Snow Pants/Jackets - Gear Tip Tuesday

Although you shouldn't wash your ski gear after EVERY use, its good to get a couple of good cleans in a season. Following a few key steps will safely clean your snow gear without losing its weather-proof capabilities. 

1. Close Zips and Flaps

  • Clear pockets of debris and zip everything up

2. Keep Separate

  • Only wash waterproof gear with other waterproof gear and try to stick to only 2 or 3 items at a time.

3. Avoid Standard Detergent 

  • Don’t use a normal laundry detergent & make sure your washer doesn’t have any residual detergent in it (it will compromise the DWR coating). Opt for a wash specifically designed for technical gear like Dry Guy Fabric Tech Wash.

4. Use Cold Water

  • Run the load on a cold, delicate cycle (make sure to confirm this with exact item care instructions on the garment)

5. Tumble or Hand Dry

  • We recommend hanging to dry in an open space, out of direct sunlight. If opting to tumble dry, the heat setting should be low.

6. Time to Reproof?

  • If you start noticing your gear is absorbing moisture as opposed to repelling it, look into getting it re-proofed instead of tossing it for a new one. We like a gear repair service provider like Gear Washer to help with this.


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