4 Ways to Explore America this Summer

Kickstart your summer with an adventure! And fortunately, America is jam packed with outdoor adventure offerings. From climbing your first mountain to exploring historic sites, our beautiful country has something for everyone this summer. And whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or leisure explorer, we’ve put together four great ways to explore America this summer.

#1  Explore National Park Trails 

Nothing calls to us quite like America’s National Parks, and we love exploring them on foot. Take July to adventure to the High Sierras in California and explore areas like Yosemite and Ansel Adams Wilderness. 

If you find yourself without adventure in August-September, head over to Glacier National Park. Make sure to hike along the Highline Trail, grab a huckleberry bear claw in Pole Bridge, and take a drive up Going to the Sun Road. 

East coast based? Venture up to Acadia National Park and go on a hunt for the best lobster roll and blueberry pie. 

The best part about America’s National Parks? There are 63! You could pick one a week for one year and still not have enough time to hit them all. 

#2 Paddle a Pristine River

Getting out on the river is the closest thing to summer camp for the whole family. It's a great way to get active together and share memories. 

If you’re looking for a rafting adventure out west, check out The Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Known as the best rafting in the world, it runs for 100 miles of continuous rapids while offering world class trout fishing. 

But if you consider yourself a true adrenaline junkie, look no further than Cataract Canyon, a rafting experience that delivers the toughest rapids in Utah. One thing we can guarantee - things will go from mild to wild real quick. 

#3 Explore a Historic Site 

Getting steps outside doesn’t always mean a hiking trail. If you’re looking for a historical vacation, check out the Freedom Trail in Boston during the summer. Grab an ice cream cone and some LAWBSTA and walk the same roads our founding fathers did. 

If you are wanting to get a bit more in touch with nature, we recommend heading to Concord, MA and visiting Walden Pond for a dive into Transcendentalism. Visit the historical homes of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson and become inspired by how deeply nature impacted their writing and beliefs. 

Still looking to scratch the adventure itch? Take a trip to Mesa Verde in CO and hike over sacred Pueblo dwellings. Catch a glimpse of the largest cliff dwelling in all of North America when you take the short hike up to Cliff Palace Overlook. Just be sure to hydrate, as the elevation maxes at over 8,000 feet there! 

#4  Create Your Own Custom Adventure

Maybe you want to do everything we mentioned and then some! Perhaps you have old friends in six different states you haven’t seen in ages. Take this summer and plan your own custom adventure that checks off ALL your boxes. 

Can’t fit it all into one trip? Plan one segment each month. Just like eating an elephant, it’s one bite at a time - and we’re here for all of it.

With the looming recession, we know it’s tough. Even though COVID restrictions have lifted, gas prices are higher than ever and many people are also back at work full time. We started Out&Back to allow exploring outside to be sustainable and attainable for everyone. Need some gear for a trip? Buy it secondhand in great condition, then sell it back to us when you’re done! 

Need some fast cash to cover Airbnb expenses? Clear out the clutter and sell some of your unwanted gear. 

We believe that exploring the planet is a freedom that we should all have and should never be limited to income, race, gender, or activity. Wherever in the world you want to go this summer, we want to be a part of your adventure.