Understanding used gear conditions


We believe that understanding the condition of used gear is key to making informed decisions. Our five classifications, ranging from brand new to worn but still functional, help you gauge the level of love and adventure a piece of gear has experienced in its previous life. Whether you prioritize quality, budget, or both, we have something to suit every need and wallet.

Condition Grades


Pristine condition, never used, with original tags and packaging intact. Ready for its first adventure!

Like New

Pristine condition, but missing original tags and packaging. Ready for its first adventure!

Used and Excellent

Shows minimal signs of wear, fully functional, and primed for new adventures.

Used and Good

Displays minor blemishes and aesthetic imperfections but functions perfectly. Has seen some great adventures and is eager for more.

Used and Worn

Shows noticeable aesthetic wear, such as tears, but still functions as intended. Holds plenty of stories from past adventures and is ready for more to come!