Turn your old gear into money

...and beer!

If you live in/near Denver, join us and 14er Brewery for our BEER FOR GEAR happy hour - an event where for every piece of outdoor gear you sell to us, you'll get paid and receive a beer*.
That's right, get paid AND receive a beer* just for selling your outdoor gear to us!
  • 4) GET PAID and enjoy beer- on us!

Tell us about the gear you want to sell by completing a super short questionnaire

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  • Kids Outdoor Apparel
  • Men & Women’s Outdoor Apparel (Everything from base layers to baggies!)
  • Outerwear (Coats, Jackets, Raingear, etc.)
  • Camping Gear (Tents,Sleeping Pads, etc.)
  • Hiking Gear (Trekking Poles, Backpacks,etc.)
  • Cycling Gear (Men’s/Women’s/Kids’, everything but the bike & helmet)
For more sell-back details, checkout our FAQ

Join us on October 14th and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Chipotle!

For each piece of gear you sell, you’ll receive one entry into the raffle. The more gear you sell, the more chances you’ll have! And who doesn’t love Chipotle after a long day in the mountains?
Gift Card Raffle 


What types of items can I sell to Out&Back?

Right now, we’re looking for men’s, women’s and even kid’s gear! Over time we hope to able to purchase just about any outdoor gear but at the moment, the categories of outdoor gear that we can buy are: 1) outerwear (e.g., jackets, pants, apparel etc.), 2) tents and footprints (except rooftop tents), 3) sleeping bags, 4) camping gear excluding stoves and water filters, 5) packs and bags excluding wheeled luggage and 6) hiking gear. 7) Kids and Adult Cycling Gear (everything but the bike, helmet, & pads). We cannot purchase protective gear of any kind including helmets and pads. We cannot purchase climbing gear of any kind (e.g., harnesses, rope, etc.). At this moment, we are not purchasing winter hardgoods like skis and snowboards but we will be soon!

What information do I need to have in order to sell an item?

We call it our core five. 1) The Brand name; 2) the item or style name; 3) the item’s condition; 4) your name; and 5) email address. And...if you want to help make the sellback process extra special, you can provide the item’s SKU or style number. If you’re having difficulties locating your item’s style name, don’t worry, we’re here to help. For assistance, email and include your item’s details, including a picture of your item and we’ll help you figure it out. Note: upon finding the style name, all customers will still be required to submit a sell back request through the official submission process.

How long does the selling process take?

Once you’ve submitted your sell-back request, you can expect to receive an official offer from us within 48 hours. Upon accepting the offer, the ball’s in your court. Drop-off your unwanted gear to us on October 14 at our Beer For Gear event and upon final inspection of your item(s), we’ll send your digital payment. Not to mention, you’ll also receive your free beer! All-in-all our sell-back process is pretty darn simple.

How long will it take for Out&Back to contact me once I’ve submitted my sellback request?

Nope!* Like we said, our sell-back process is really simple. We email you a prepaid shipping label and ask that you put it on your package before dropping it off at any USPS location. Note: ownership of shipping may be your responsibility if you choose to receive an item back after it’s already been shipped to Out&Back. Friendly reminder that you will need to provide your own packaging. *For oversized items, shipping ownership may vary between Out&Back and the consumer.

Can I pay to ship my item to Out&Back?

At this time, our Beer For Gear happy hour is an in-person event so you can earn and redeem your tasty beer. However, if you’re not able to attend in person, you can always sell-back your unwanted gear to us through our non-event sell-back program which offers shipping options. Checkout more details on our Sell-Back page.

What if I don’t live in/near Denver, can I still participate in Beer For Gear?

Our Beer For Gear happy hour is designed as an in-person event. Therefore if you don’t live in/near Denver and are not able to attend in-person on October 14, you may want to consider our non-event sell back program which allows you to participate from anywhere in the US and includes free shipping! Checkout more details on our Sell-Back page.

How does Out&Back determine my offer?

Our proprietary set of tools helps us evaluate important details like product condition, color, brand and maturity. We then compare these details against multiple retailers to present you with the most accurate and competitive offer in the market. In other words, we believe in fair offers for great gear. While each offer is customized, on average, offer prices for an used item in good condition is around 20% of the original retail price while new items being sold may garner closer to 30% of the original selling price. Again, many factors come into play when determining each offer.

Can I bargain with Out&Back on the selling price?

At this time, our offer is final. We like to keep things simple and avoid the back-and-forth which can take time away from being outdoors.

Does my offer ever expire?

Yes. Upon receiving your offer, you will have seven (7) days to accept. After seven days, the offer will automatically expire and you will need to re-submit the item through our sell back process for a new offer.

What if I want to decline the sell back offer from Out&Back?

Not a problem. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. If you choose to decline your sell back offer, all that we ask is that you keep gear out of the landfill by donating or giving it to someone who could use it.

How do I get paid?

Simple - Venmo or Paypal. Upon accepting our offer, you’ll be asked to provide your Venmo or Paypal ID which will allow us to seamlessly transfer payment to you upon final inspection of your item at our warehouse. Friendly tip: a separate account with the specified payment vendors is required in order for you to receive payment.

What happens if I submit in an item and it differs from how I described it?

This can happen… For example, you might have typed in the wrong item or style name by accident or there is an issue with a component on the item that you didn't notice, etc. When we inspect an item that is different from what the you originally submitted, one of three things can happen:

  1. 1) We make you another offer and you can choose to accept or decline: sometimes, we’re still interested in buying the item even though it’s different from your original request. In this case, we’ll present you with a new offer that you can kindly accept or decline. If you accept, great! We pay you, you move on. If you decline and no longer want to sell it to us, then no hard feelings.
  2. 2) We don't make you another offer and you want the item returned: in some cases, the item is not something we can currently buy from you, thus aren’t able to make you another offer.
  3. 3) If we don’t buy your item and you don't want it back, we donate it: if we can't buy the item from you and you aren’t interested in keeping the item, we will gladly donate it on your behalf to one of our local partners who are in need of outdoor gear.
Can I donate my item?

Yes you can! If you choose to donate your item, just say so in your reply to our offer letter. All you’ll need to do is drop-off your gear at the Beer For Gear even on October 14 and we’ll donate it on your behalf and if needed, can send you a confirmation for your records/as a write off.

What happens to the item I sell to Out&Back?

Your item is about to begin a sustainable journey back into the outdoors. We work with specialized experts to clean, repair and refurbish used outdoor gear in order to keep it in circulation. And if your gear isn’t able to be renewed, we partner with professionals who responsibly downcycle the apparel—making sure it avoids ending up in a landfill.

Event brought to you by:
Call to Arms Brewery
Terms and Conditions: *Each item accepted by and sold to Out&Back Outdoor qualifies for one beverage ticket that can be redeemed at 14er Brewery and is applicable towards any beverage priced between $4 and $8. Each ticket can be redeemed for one 10oz beer or other beverage of equal or lesser value.. Tickets can not be combined for greater value. Tickets can not be redeemed for cash and are non-refundable if lost or stolen. Tickets must be redeemed at the Beer4Gear event on October 14, 2021 or otherwise will automatically expire. Must at least 21 years of age to consume or purchase