5 Must Have Fall Hiking Essentials

Fall hiking is the BEST kind of hiking. The temperatures have cooled off, the mosquitoes have (mostly) gone away, and vibrant fall colors blanket the mountains in a beautiful golden aura. And while this is usually everyone’s cue to bust out the flannels, there may actually be a few warmer, smarter, pieces of fall gear essential to your outdoor adventures…

To celebrate the start of fall, Out&Back has expertly curated our top five pieces of gear that are must-haves in any adventurer’s backpack. 

 1. Baselayer. A baselayer is a terrific option for keeping warm on chilly fall days. But what kind of baselayer do you choose? Being the closest garment to your skin, it’s important to select a base that keeps you warm while wicking away sweat and regulating your core temperature. General rule of thumb, wool baselayers are far more superior at blocking odor than synthetic baselayers. While wool garments are widely known as cold weather staples, synthetic blends offer more wicking of moisture and tend to be lightweight. So what’s the best option? Baselayers made from core-spun wool yarns, aka a synthetic core for strength, recovery and stretch plus a wool outer layer so you get all the benefits of odor protection and thermoregulation. It’s the best of both worlds. 

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2. Lightweight Insulated Jacket. Lightweight and available as synthetic or down, a lightweight insulated jacket is a great choice when going out in the fall and can protect against wind chill and cooler temperatures. If you’re the kind of person who runs a bit colder, consider wearing a base layer to wear under, or bringing a down vest to wear over.

3. Rain Jacket.No matter what season, an outdoor adventurer always needs a good rain jacket. Look for one that is waterproof (not water resistant) in order to give yourself optimal protection from the elements no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

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4. Beefier Bottoms. (aka Warmer Pants…)In the summertime, it’s common to want to wear lightweight clothing to save weight and increase breathability. But when the fall weather rolls in, you’ll want to consider choosing a more durable bottom for cooler temperatures and the potential storm. Pants designed for cooler weather are also highly recommended for any kind of break on the mountain...have you ever sat down on a cold rock and the chill went straight through to your skin? Enough said. 

5. A great beanie. You’ve probably heard that heat escapes from your head...well, it's true! Even when the temperatures range in the high 80s in town, it can be a completely different story up on the mountain. It’s not uncommon to experience wind chill and snow as early as September in certain climates. In fact, it only takes temperatures falling under 55 degrees to make the ears cold! This is because ears are mostly cartilage and little fat, hence no insulation. If you pack a beanie, you’ll always be prepared.

Now that you’ve heard our top five favorite pieces of fall hiking gear, we’d love to hear yours! Let us know by tagging us on social media using @outandbackoutdoor #outdoorgearstartshere 

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