7 Tips to Make Adventure Travel More Affordable

Looking to travel internationally for an adventure, but don’t want to spend your entire paycheck? While traveling internationally can oftentimes be cheaper than traveling domestically, there are a few tricks to help you save dollars while still giving you the experience of a lifetime. 

1. Choose your destination wisely. While traveling to Switzerland or Italy may seem like a magical adventure (and it is!), keep in mind that it will cost a LOT more than traveling to somewhere like Peru, Chile, etc. Working with an outfitter in Peru may cost $300-$400 while anywhere in Europe would run into the $1200+ range. 

2. Travel during the off season. While this may not always guarantee great weather, you can get lucky by choosing a time where it’s about to transition. You may have one rainy day thrown in, but it will also not be raining the entire time. It’s much cheaper, less crowded, AND the less than ideal weather you do encounter just makes for a better story.

3. Book early. This is a must, especially given the cost of airfare today. Snag flights early. It will 1) be cheaper, and 2) force you to commit, and 3) lets you choose seat selection first (on long flights, this is important) According to a study done by CheapAir.com, the best time to buy is 64 days in advance. 

4. Explore local transportation. Sometimes it’s cheaper to take a bus or train within the country rather than fly. Sure, it’s a 12 hour bus ride vs a 2-3 hour flight, but you’ll get more interaction with the locals and better sight seeing while saving money. 

5. Don’t eat out for every meal. Here’s where you can save big! Once you get to your destination, hit up the local market and grab groceries, then choose one meal per day where you want to indulge and eat out. Most hostels and hotels are very accommodating about storing food. 

6. Walk everywhere. While this may seem like a no-brainer, there have been several times where we all spent money on cab fare simply because we didn’t plan accordingly and realized point B is much further from point A than we thought. Plan ahead of time by mapping out local places from your place of stay while you still have Wi-Fi.

7. Sell your unwanted gear for spending cash. The trick to traveling internationally is to travel light! And we’re happy to buy all of your unwanted gear and give you cash to help fund your new adventure. Maybe you will find a new jacket in the country you visit - that’s rad! Keep the new one and sell your other one to put towards the next trip. 


There are so many places in the world to visit! Just remember that so much can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost advertised, plus you’ll get a more authentic experience. And know that wherever in the world you go, we’re with you every step of the way.

Want us to help plan your next trip? Give us a shout at customersupport@outandbackoutdoor.com and we’ll be glad to help you out.