Going Out For A Snow Adventure? Pack These Top 5 Things For Every Day In The Snow.

As you prepare for a day in the snow, it’s critical that you carry proper equipment and other gear necessities to help ensure you’re ready for the adventure ahead. For a casual day at the resort, to a backcountry hike or even snowshoeing along your favorite trail, the following top five gear items are must-have’s for your snowsports adventure pack list.

  1. Waterproof, Breathable Jacket
  2. Waterproof, Breathable Pants
  3. Long Underwear or Tights
  4. Fleece or Baselayer
  5. Gloves or Mittens and Headwear

Keep in mind that depending on your plan, you’ll most likely need additional items including, but not limited to activity-specific equipment, breathable wool socks, helmet, facemask, toilet paper, phone and food & water. 

This list is meant to be a starting point and will need to be customized based on your activity of choice. Be sure to complete a pre-trip preparation checklist tailored to your activity to help identify everything you’ll need in anticipation of your upcoming day in the snow.