Must Have Backpacking Essentials - Out&Back

No matter how experienced of a backpacker you may be, no matter much you plan ahead or even prepare for the "what if's", there are always unexpected surprises during an outdoor adventure. Such moments when you wish you would've had that one item you didn't even consider packing. The one thing that could've helped make an unfortunate surprise, more tolerable. 

We get it and have felt your pain.

That's why we asked adventurers alike what they've learned throughout their explorations and have created a checklist of the TOP FIVE essential items you may want to consider packing the next time you head out. 

Check it out...

  1. Leukotape - a true lifesaver for when heels and toes become irritated. 
  2. Bandana - a handy accessory for handling hot items, need an extra tissue or head protection from the sun or wind. 
  3. Extra pair of socks - backup for when your feet get unexpectedly wet.
  4. Paracord - a versatile item that can be used to fix, hang or tie multiple things together. 
  5. Trash bag - a quick solution when you need an immediate waterproof layer or even used to collect/carry a bunch of items. 

Now that you know and as you think about your "usual" pack list, are you planning to add anything from our TOP FIVE essential item list? Who knows, you may find that it comes in hand when you least expect it. 

Whatever you decide, be prepared and plan for the unexpected so you can spend more time enjoying the trail and less worrying.

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