Exploring with Kindness

Venturing outdoors revives many of us from everyday stress. We venture out into nature to escape our daily lives and reconnect with the simplest things such as fresh air and Mother's Earth's natural beauty. Yet, like many things in life, we must always remember to take care of what we love and to show respect and deliver kindness to the things we use and the peers we live amongst.

Making ourselves accountable for our actions will help ensure we can continue to enjoy the small, yet rejuvenating things in life for years to come. We must all do our part in being a responsible outdoor adventurer. As we venture outdoors, check out the following ways to be kind and conscientious to yourself, to Mother Earth and to others.

  1. Apply clean habits – minimize things you come in contact with like water stations, and railings. Be sure to carry hand sanitizer in case soap and water aren’t easily accessible.
  2. Cover up and put on a mask – help prevent spreading germs by covering up with a mask, cold-weather gaiter or even bandana.
  3. Stay home if you’re not feeling well – minimize exposure of germs to others. Take a day to rest and remember the sun will come out tomorrow again for you to venture outdoors.
  4. Keep your distance – stay at least 6ft away from others, imagine a ski length’s distance between you and a fellow peer.
  5. Keep your hands to yourself – avoid handshaking, fist bumps, hugs or other unnecessary physical contact. Air hugs and high-fives are great, safe alternatives.
  6. Pick up after yourself – used facemasks and tissues should be disposed of in the trash instead of the ground. Do your part in keeping the trails clean.