Finding Common Ground

It's been two years since the pandemic-induced shutdown and things are not as they were before (and may never be). But restrictions are loosening (e.g. ski resorts and national parks are now open without restrictions) and people are beginning to interact with one another again. And slowly, slowly but surely, we are starting to find the roots of humanity again in outdoor recreation. 

Strangers are smiling a bit more on the hiking trail. Common areas are no longer taped off. Conversations by lunch rocks are more common, and the sound of laughter is more apparent than ever before. And while we all have living through the pandemic in common, every person outside with you has a completely different story, all leading them through a series of footprints that brought them to the same mountain as you.

Next time you venture out to your favorite trail, take time to speak with people. Ask about their story. Maybe start with something easy like “What brought you outside today?”. See where it goes - you might just make someone’s day :) 

Celebrate the freedom of being outside. Life is a tapestry of people weaving in and out of your life. We are all on the post pandemic journey together and seeking joy in the outdoors. 

You never know how taking time to speak to someone will change their life. Perhaps you have a connection with a job that they want. Perhaps you both live in the same town with kids the same age. Perhaps they’ve done a few treks that you want to do. Perhaps….perhaps. The reality is that we have all experienced a pandemic together and are all looking to restore our lives on some, or perhaps many levels. Let’s come together and discover the bonds of humanity on the trails this spring.