Five Reasons to Take Young Kids to Utah

Love the outdoors and want to share that passion with your kiddos? National parks are a GREAT way to introduce them to all things outside. But when they are still in their young years where you need to always be in close proximity to a vehicle for a bailout option, what’s the best one? Look no further than the parks in Utah! And we’ve got five stellar reasons why!

Reason #1: Dinosaurs. 

According to the Utah Geological Survey, dinosaurs roamed much of the land that made up the state during the Late Jurassic period starting around 200 million years ago. In fact, Utah’s state fossil, the Allosaurus, was the dominant predator for all of North America! There are tons of fossil shops throughout the state, dinosaur museums, bone digs, and more. And what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? 

Reason #2: Short hikes. 

When kids are small, it takes a lot of physical and emotional strength to go hiking. Utah’s parks are loaded with shorter hikes that offer spectacular views and geological sites while keeping close proximity to the parking lot - making it easy to access snacks, shade, and naps. 

Reason #3: Water sports.

Despite being a desert, Utah has plenty of water, making swimming a great option for kiddos. Whether it’s canyoneering the Narrows, rafting down the Colorado or Green River, or hitting a local water park in town, there’s plenty of opportunities to play in the water with little ones.

Reason #4: Culture rich

Several ancient Native American tribes once flourished in Utah, leaving remains of their rich cultures throughout the state. Families can see evidence of the original inhabitants just by hitting the trails at national parks. Imagine wandering the trails with little ones and uncovering ancient petroglyphs carved into cliff sides!

Reason #5: Stargazing

Kids can make stargazing a blast - maybe because of their unlimited imaginations. Utah boasts some of the finest stargazing in the world and is home to 18 protected areas that prevent light pollution from destroying these sacred views of the Milky Way. Kids begin to learn about the solar system around 3rd grade or earlier, and you’d be amazed at what they’re able to point out. They might get sleepy before their parents though, so be sure to pack snacks and keep them comfortable in case bedtime arrives earlier than planned. 


And there you have it! Those are our top five reasons to take your kiddos to the great beehive state, but one last thing before you go - let's chat time of year. While April-May and September-October are the peak times, you could go in March or November for less crowds, just be prepared to bring an extra jacket for when the temps drop at night. During the summer months temps can get to the high 90s and into the 100s, leaving you with not very happy little ones. 

Traveling and uncovering the splendors of our planet is one of life’s greatest gifts and being able to share it with the next generation makes it even better. Start early with your little ones and help bring out the little adventurer inside of all of them!