Fixing Travel Bag Zippers

There’s nothing like stuffing too much into a duffel bag to try and avoid checked bag fees just to break the zipper. Here are our tips to quickly fix that zipper and get you on your way to wherever your destination might be. 

Pull tab come off?
  • If its just a broken pull tab, purchase a new one, attach it to the slider piece and use pliers to tighten the top of the pull tab to the slider.
Material stuck?
  • If material from the bag is stuck in the zipper, avoid trying to pull the material and move the zipper at the same time, it might break it further. Instead hold the zipper in place and pull the material out. 
Zipper won’t budge?
  • Try rubbing graphite (or just a sharpened number 2 pencil) on your zipper’s teeth near where its stuck to lubricate and wiggle the slider up and down that area until it moves smoothly.
Teeth not lining up?
  • If the teeth aren’t lining up and sliding together, gently move the slider back and forth over the damaged area until the teeth line back up. If that doesn’t work you can use a pin or pliers to gently reshape the broken teeth to fit back in line.
Corroded teeth?
  • If the teeth are sticking together and not zipping smoothly they might be corroded. Use a mild soap with a soft toothbrush and water to gently scrub the zipper. Gently try to move it, and add a small amount of lubricant to help the zipper move if needed.