Listen: Brick & Mortor Reborn interviews Out&Back's Founder, Barruch Ben-Zekry

Tune in to the 1:1 interview between Out&Back's Founder, Barruch Ben-Zekry and Brick & Mortar Reborn.

He joins the show to talk about why re-commerce has so much potential in the outdoors market, how building partnerships with brick-and-mortar stores helps drive growth in a largely digital industry, and why customer experience is central to sustainable growth.

Topics discussed:

  • Barruch’s background in the apparel industry and how he came to found Out&Back
  • How Out&Back found a niche in the outdoor gear re-commerce market
  • The need for managed marketplaces adjacent to the peer-to-peer space
  • Trust and convenience as the foundation for Out&Back’s business model
  • Partnerships with brick and mortar stores as a supplementary sales channel
  • The importance of partner alignment when expanding a collaborative strategy
  • Why the customer experience is vital for any contemporary marketplace

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