The Smart AND Sustainable Way to Upgrade Gear

Been eyeing new gear, but can’t seem to justify the expense? We get it! And while we respect the willpower it takes to not splurge on costly gear, we’ve got a solution that’s a win for you, your wallet, and the planet. 

How about selling your old gear for cash to put towards the next item on your wishlist? By getting rid of gear you don’t use, or want to upgrade, it helps bring down the cost of that new gear making it a smarter purchasing decision. Instead of having to wait around for brands to host mega clearance events, you can create your own discount at any time of year on your schedule! Just by selling back your old stuff. 

Not only does selling your old gear justify the purchasing of new gear, but it’s also way better for the planet! Selling gear instead of trashing it at the end of its days keeps it out of landfills. And landfills take up a LOT of space! And with the annual 12.8 million tons of clothing (JSTOR Daily) being added each year, they are requiring more and more real estate. Landfills also cost millions of dollars to build and operate. Selling keeps landfill costs down for everyone, thus increasing their available budget for more critical needs. 

Don’t let the cost of new gear keep you from buying something you’ve always wanted. Having quality gear can be the make or break when it comes to enjoying yourself outside. And when you invest in great items from reputable brands, like Arc'teryx, Patagonia, The North Face, etc., you’re purchasing items that will hold their resale value over time. That way when you decide to upgrade again, you’ll be able to give yourself a bigger discount. 

We started Out&Back for adventurers like you to have a more sustainable way to buy and sell outdoor gear. We envision a world where you can have incredible adventures with gear you cherish and enjoy. A world where buying quality gear doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or going without. A world where selling your unwanted gear gives others a chance to get outside and have their own experiences, all while providing you savings and discounts for the adventures ahead.