What Makes Shopping at Out&Back So Different?

Buying secondhand gear has never been easier! Out&Back Outdoor is creating a first-class shopping experience for secondhand gear. Stop agonizing between purchasing new or used and enjoy stress-free shopping for your active lifestyle.

Our secondhand gear is your loyal companion for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Experience a lifetime of memories when you buy reliable gear you can trust.

What makes shopping at Out&Back so different?

  1. Shopping new AND used at the same time! We curate both new and gently used gear from multiple websites, and you’ll discover top rated outdoor brands in one single shopping platform.
  2. Shop everywhere at once. To help shoppers find the best deal, we aggregate prices from different websites and feature them side-by-side to compare brands.
  3. Buy with confidence. Our quality-guarantee and 30-day returns gives you the freedom to shop risk free.
  4. Clean Freaks. All merchandise is squeaky clean and undergoes a CO2 cleaning process from our partner, Tersus Solutions. CO2 provides hospital grade cleanliness that strips away all stains, odors...and things we can’t mention here. Our secondhand gear is cleaner than new merchandise on hangers.

At Out&Back, we believe there’s a world where the definition of “new” has a different meaning. A world where one individual’s unwanted gear can become another’s new gear. We see a world where shoppers never have to compromise performance for price. Where the outdoors becomes a more sustainable, attainable experience for everyone. That’s why we started Out&Back and hope that you’ll shop with us to create your own mountain top memories with our beloved gear.